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Jacksonville Paver Sealing To Protect Your Stone & Brick Pavers

Paver sealing

When Jacksonville homeowners need paver sealing, they contact Residential Concrete. We're able to provide high-quality work for pavers in many capacities, with an emphasis on sealing because it offers superior protection.

A protective layer of sealant is the perfect way to protect your pavers from getting too dirty but, more importantly, it creates a barrier that prevents stains from setting in and becoming permanent. Concrete is porous by nature, which means the top layer soaks up liquids, spills, and stains, but sealing the top layer changes it to non-porous.

While paver sealing may not be required, it's definitely advised. Once homeowners realize the damage that can occur from not sealing their pavers, sealing them just makes sense.

Sealing Brick & Stone Pavers

As a company known for our concrete repair in Jacksonville, we're also the top choice for paver sealing. We believe in being a resource our customers can come to for jobs like concrete repair, but we also offer services that are considered preventative maintenance, which helps reduce the need for repairs.

Although brick and stone pavers are different from concrete, they still hold up better over time and prolonged exposure to the elements when sealed. Some of the benefits of sealing brick and stone pavers:

  • Improves weather resistance
  • Create a polished and cohesive appearance
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Better for drainage
  • Enhances and protects the color and vibrancy

Sealing pavers also lowers the risk of weed growth developing and causing your pavers to shift. For the best possible protection of your pavers, let us professionally seal them every three years.

Paver Placement & Sealing

In most cases, you want your pavers in a place where they can look great but be functional, like a walkway or patio floor. Sealing them helps improve their look and their ability to perform. Once sealed, they look more planned and part of a design than random.

You'll appreciate the ability to clean pavers easier with a hose and occasional professional pressure washing. Call Residential Concrete today to schedule your paver sealing appointment in Jacksonville.

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